Mentally Elvis is an engaging full length documentary in which we discover through his fans, in their own heartfelt words, the power of his memory and myth and his enduring charisma that continues to this day to transport and inspire millions of loyal fans worldwide. Elvis has a long-term constancy in the lives of his fans.  Many of them speak of their relationship with him as an intensely personal commitment.  They describe it as the kind of bond one shares with a family member or best friend.


Mentally Elvis is a loving “stream of consciousness” look into the hearts and minds of true Elvis Fans everywhere.  They may be ordinary folks, super fans or fanatics, Elvis tribute artists, or the next generation of young fans just beginning a lifelong fascination with “The King”.  However, they all share a love for one man and his music that is unequaled in today’s pop oriented world.  This documentary offers us a glimpse into the almost religious devotion that constitutes the ever growing cultural and cross generational movement known as The Elvis Phenomenon.


Mentally Elvis is a state of mind.  It’s a love story told by those in love and it gives super fans the opportunity to share the joy and passion that Elvis Presley brings to their lives and to try to explain to the rest of the world just what Elvis really means to them on a deeply personal and spiritual level.

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